Aloha from Hawaii!!

By Natalia Sharma

We all are super busy...
Running a business can put us in a state of constant stress that has a tremendously negative impact on every system in the body. And if not managed properly it can have very serious consequences.
While writing these lines an image of myself on board a plane and listening to instructions given by a flight attendant suddenly flashed through my mind: "Adults traveling with young children please attend to your own oxygen mask first". Sounds so selfish, doesn't it? Yes, it does, but this safety measure can help you help other people around you. Who will help your kid if you are not OK and lose consciousness? So put on your own mask first and you will be able to help your child and others.
What a great analogy! In the same way, you will be capable of taking care of your business and perform at your best ONLY if you take care of yourself first. The better you feel the better you will work, we all get it. If you don't take time to take care of yourself your business will no doubt be affected.
Aloha from Hawai
How many times you try to stop procrastinating and think about your health and every time something gets in the way. You promise yourself that you will do it tomorrow, but tomorrow comes and goes with no result. Tomorrow you keep on doing the same things instead (even spending nights up due to anxiety!) and still promising yourself to have that me-time at the weekend. And at the weekend you end up working long hours again and looking for excuses that nobody is going to do this work for you.
Two main reasons for the procrastination of engaging in self-care activities are lack of time and self-discipline. When there is no one to make you do it or control you, then you will most likely keep on procrastinating until the end of time. But when you know there is someone who cares and wants to help you, someone who will guide you and who you can rely on, then your attitude and behavior will change. 
This someone is Anthony Pack, a professional health coach from Hawaii!! Yes, he is there for you even though being on the other side of the world but the distance doesn't matter! Anthony helps Busy Business Professionals Improve Their Health & Fitness In Just 30 Minutes A Day Getting Real Results. Online!
To know more about him and how he can help, please visit his LinkedIn profile or download a free e-book.
Anthony Pack

Anthony Pack, helping Brilliant Business Owners Skyrocket Their Energy
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Here is my interview with Anthony:

Why did you decide to become a health coach?

"When I was going to high-school, I always had my vision set on trying to help people. I was in our school's medical club which influenced my pursuit to help others through the aspect of health and wellness. My journey in college was not the best, going through a variety of different biology and chemistry classes that ruled out one avenue of being a doctor. Being a physician was something that I was inspired to be because of my high school medical club. I still wanted to help people in a way that can give them purpose, direction, and new meaning to their life. I took a couple of public health and exercise classes which found my - now - love and passion for being a health coach. Seeing people achieve their health and fitness goals while making lasting sustainable habit change, has been something that drives me each day. I love seeing individuals get better with my help which brings a smile to my face." 

How do you help busy business owners?

"I help busy business owners by giving them back the time that they need to focus on their own health. Many entrepreneurs get stuck within the mindset of “this is my business, my baby, and I need to put everything I have into it in order to see it grow”. Which, in a sense is true but to what extent. Lack of sleep, proper nutrition, long nights and an all-or-nothing mindset can really create friction in one's mental and physical health. We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat” and it really does matter in the sense that the fuel you use from food has a bearing on one's state of mind and health. I help them understand the importance of nutrition, fitness and having a lifestyle that is sustainable to them and their goals. Knowing that just a little bit of exercise a day, eating nutrition-dense foods, getting a good amount of quality sleep can give back busy business owners time to put back into their business. Having a health coach, to me, is a key step stone to any entrepreneur who wants to live up their productivity, energy levels, how confident they feel, and how they view themselves." 

How did you find your first few clients?

"I actually found my first “online client” by just starting a conversation with everyone that liked my content, connected with me, and commented back on a post. I did not use any lead generator but just sent them a message and asked them a question; “what was one take away about this piece of content, that stood out the most to you?” from there we built that relationship and I told them what I did for a living and the rest was history. I think it is really important for any coach to think about the person you are talking to more than wanting to make a sale/ get another client. That relationship can really lead to places as well as generate more leads for you from just word of mouth." 

What makes you different from other health coaches?

"Most health coaches have your typical fitness, nutrition, and accountability plan but I like to take my work a step further by using a couple extra features. I use habit formation techniques with worksheets that focus on how to create sustainable change. Incorporate mindset training as well as visionary exercises that they can use in their business, life or relationships. This leads into understanding their social and physical environments which we go through exercises looking at how to best set up a working environment that is to our goals. Finally, I keep it small. Some coaches love to have a lot of clients all at once and for me, that just does not give the client and I one-on-one time to be able to prosper our relationship further. Yes, I am their coach but also I want the person to open up to me so that we can get as much information as possible to be able to adjust/ create the best plan possible. Also, it’s all about balance. If I had 100 clients, I would not have time for all of them, let alone time for myself to be able to do things that I want to do. Self-care is important and keeping it small allows me to train smarter and not harder." 

Don't wait until you have time for self-care activities, it will never come. Do it today, do it right now, stop reading and take a break until it's too late!

Natalia Sharma
Business Development Manager

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