Are you also scared just like me?

By Natalia Sharma

We were supposed to write about one interesting app in this newsletter ( not a moduulo app by the way) but suddenly we realized that the interview with the founder that we wanted to include in it wasn`t ready, so we had to quickly switch to another topic...
Gosh! I hate change of plans, I am a super organized person and have everything preplanned days and weeks ahead. So I was thinking... What can I write about having just a few hours prior to sending this newsletter? Of course about myself! That's the easiest and fastest way to get out of this predicament.
So let's talk about myself and my clients. And their fears.....no, rather our fears! 
Are you also scared just like me?
When I started my first business I was scared, I was stressed. It was a natural reaction since everything new and unknown is a bit scary for us.
First I tried to do everything on my own, but when it was time to hire 2 more people, I was again scared, scared to death! How on earth am I going to share my "house" with a stranger?? How can I trust these people? 

How can I trust these people? What if they do something wrong? Moreover being a perfectionist it has always been really hard for me to delegate anything to others since I demand 100% of quality and only I am capable of doing things the right and best way! That was my thinking. And this is how my potential clients think. Will these people pour their soul into my business as I did? Will they take care of it the way I do? These questions kept me awake at night. 

For me, this situation was similar to the one when you let complete strangers enter your apartment and be there alone without you! Or kind of giving your credit card to a stranger or....handing over your baby to someone you don't know! You will not easily hand your baby over to a stranger, right? It comes with a lot of trust. That was a long time ago and now years later I still think the same way, but what I am trying to say is that I fully understand your fears and concerns, I've been in your shoes and I know how you feel. I know that your business is your baby. I am not really advertising myself (that wasn't my purpose as I was just urgently trying to create some content for this newsletter) but if you ever decide that you need a helping hand and want to work with a virtual assistant, please drop me a line , and I, along with my team will take care of your baby and give you peace of mind that you crave for.

That`s all for now, take care!
Natalia Sharma 
Business Development Manager

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