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How we help accounting firms to ease the life of their SME and Startup clients

New way of ERP - clientCockpit

moduulo clientCockpit is a new ERP SaaS software focused on streamlining and simplifying all business processes. It is fully integrated into a standardized accounting workflow. The accountant delivers clientCockpit to its client.
Our focus on streamlining and simplifying business processes forced us to rethink how business data is generated, treated, and archived.

Administration takes too much time?

Your accountant helps you implement a new type of ERP solution. Focus on doing business, clientCockpit does the admin work for you.

Our focus is high work efficiency. clientCockpit covers all business aspects with only a few forms.

New way of Enterprise Ressource Planning ERP - clientCockpit

Five basic forms are the starting point of all business activities:  
Purchase Order
Salary declaration
Equity form
Using these forms is all that a company admin needs to do - clientCockpit is doing magic for the rest of all administrative work. 

The magic of ERP innovation - Preparator

Besides the data generated using the five forms, there is essential accounting and business data from the outside of a company: Supplier invoices, bank transaction reports and bank documents, delivery documents, customs documents, and many more. 
In most cases, these documents are available electronically (sent by email or scanned). moduulo Preparator processes banking data and outside documents, extract essential information, matches bank transaction data and internal data (account reconciliation), and processes this information/data into accounting, VAT declarations, and year-end accounting work - fully automated.

License costs

moduulo - clientCockpit is licensed on subscription.

Full package *

Purchased over an accounting firm or over our service company.
20 €
Includes all features, no limitation
* moduulo - clientCockpit Full package is licensed over your accountant. If you are a Startup or an SME customer and would like to use clientCockpit, ask your accountant to join moduulo. Referrals of new accountants to moduulo result in a free Full package for six months. You can also use moduulo - clientCockpit if you are a customer of our service company.
Contact us if your accountant does not offer moduulo - clientCockpit

Features & Functions - tools to manage your company

Get clientCockpit from your accountant, who helps you streamline your processes and boost your profitability. Find all the necessary tools to manage your company and to handle essential tasks in your office.


The essential Dashboard you use to control and manage your company. Say goodbye to jo-jo emailing between you and your accountant cause of missing documents or upcoming deadlines. All records are ready, all transactions have been automatically written into the general ledger and main journal. At each deadline, you only have to control the automatically prepared reports (VAT reports, Balances sheet, P&L, Income Statements, Cash Flow, etc.) and launch the submission to governmental authorities with a simple button click.


Main features of CRM, including contact management, browser-based calls to each registered phone number, booking of consulting slots with your accountant, and video-calling to get accountant and tax support, makes clientCockpit your favorite everyday working tool. Sales pipelines and company's efficiency tools are on our roadmap.


The magic of clientCockpit prevents you from doing any accounting. This part of administration is fully automated but controlled by your accountant. You only have access to the regular reports.


Convert your quotes into invoices or generate these account receivables in an intuitive POS-styled way. Prepare invoices per project, per task, per subscription, or per used time.


There is no need to start or stop a timer. Simply browse to your customer view, to the planned task view, or to any other time-relevant view in clientCockpit. The background timer automatically starts and generates the necessary reports. You can automatically add tracked time to invoices using a configuration setting.

Reports and Widgets

Access to your company data helps you keep a precise overview of your rentability. It also helps to find potential bottlenecks in your processes or workflows. You have full access to the regular accounting reports, like balance sheets, profit-loss statements, cash-flow, and income statements. Intelligent widgets help you keep an overview of your business activities and the health of your company.


All data is automatically archived and stored to stay legally compliant with your country's laws. You have access to your archived documents and can reproduce them revision-save.


We will add tools for prospecting and newsletter/emailing to our CRM module in a future step. Integrations with existing HR tools, project planning tools, and other third-party software is on our roadmap.

moduulo, innovation for european accounting firms

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