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Business, simplified.

SME/Startups need several tools to promote products and subscriptions, manage ordering and invoicing processes, support customers with ticketing systems and automate business
We provide ONE software with no limits for all aspects of your 
subscription and normal business

Promotion tools

It's nice to have good products and services or subscription deals, but the first step is to make your customer aware of your offer. That's why we include an SEO-optimized Landing-Page Content Creator tool and templates for eCommerce and ordering pages.

Sales Process

We fully automize online sales and subscriptions from order to invoice. But SME/startups also need manual ordering: Start with pre-order, issue a quote and after customer order and work done, send an invoice.

Management Dashboard

See and export all of your management KPI's on a company dashboard, including open order, open/overdue invoices, sales funnels, subscription evolution, and cash flow. 

Payment Gateways

We include two main payment gateways for subscription-based ordering and regular invoice payment, and will implement others soon:
Mollie PaymentStripe Payment

Support, Tickets and FAQ

After a successful sale, it is essential to support your customer. We include a simple ticketing system for logged-in users and a FAQ section for quick reference.


Automatic deployment is very important to ease the instance creation in every SaaS business. You can decide to do this step manually, have required data exported or even automate the process via CI/CD.

Interface to accounting

Export your order/invoice/payment data to accounting systems or generate excel data for your accountant. We provide both functions via API or manual export.


Do you run several brands and need a unique order/invoice tool for all of them? We provide multi-company/multi-brand functions with own set of product/services, templates, and Landing Pages.


Adapt to country-specific legal requisitions by defining your own currency, VAT, Shipping fees, and multilingual needs (including translating labels on quotes and invoices).

Designed for you.

This software is your business facilitator. 
Adapt it to your needs, corporate identity and usage.

Quote / Invoice Template

You can adapt all order, quote and invoice templates to your needs and country-specific legal requirements

Landing Page Creator

Product promotion is individual. That's why you create all your landing pages with an intuitive Content Creator tool

Order Page Templates

We offer several templates for your eCommerce and order pages. Choose a preset and adapt all colors to your branding
Video Section available soon


and become a happy user of this business growth facilitator.
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