Get referrals and new partnerships

By Natalia Sharma

Though the global situation is not improving, it's rather getting worse, we have to move forward and keep on working, learning, and sharing our knowledge and experiences with the world. 
These days recommendations and testimonials can have a far greater impact on your sales process than hundreds of other marketing techniques because consumers struggle with choice overload and one single recommendation of a friend, relative, or colleague can help a potential customer take a decisive step in the right direction leading to YOUR product or service. 
But you may ask: how can I get clients if my business is new and unknown? Networking is the key! It will help you reach more people and generate referrals that are crucial to your business. People are more likely to buy from you if they know you either in person or online. At this point let me share with you the online event that I mentioned in the last newsletter, remember?
Get referrals and new partnerships
The Rebellious Business Network! 
It is a weekly online business networking event as well as a Facebook group (from the UK) that gives you an opportunity to showcase your business, share who you are and what you do. To be honest, I couldn't make it to the meeting last week, but being a member of their Facebook group I had access to their past events as well as to the one that I missed. They sent its recording just right into my inbox.
get leads and referrals
During this one hour and a half zoom call, you can meet other local and international business owners, build partnerships, and find new clients.
Moreover each week different guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge with the participants to help them grow their businesses. And best of all, this is totally free! As I already mentioned you can watch all previous recordings, so in case if you are a bit shy and don`t know how to put yourself out there, it's good to know what to expect before you attend the live event for the first time.  
And don`t forget to introduce yourself and your business in the group as well, as they welcome each new member, which gives you a little bit of extra exposure.
You will get an invitation to join the group after you register for the
Happy networking!
Natalia and the team

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