How to get rid of admin tasks with innovative voice tools?

By Natalia Sharma

What a day! Hectic schedule. Rush. So many things to do and you only have one pair of hands. Whether you work alone or in a team, everybody's hands are busy with their duties. I guess many at least once in a lifetime secretly wished they had more than 2 hands at some particular moment. Did you? I did! Unfortunately, it's impossible. But! 

How to get rid of administrative tasks with innovative voice tools?
Have you ever thought of giving voice commands to, for example, prepare and send invoices while doing other stuff and as if by magic that would be immediately done? To be honest, I had no idea these things are possible, I have never heard about them until I joined moduulo team, but the truth is they are! 
The only mission of moduulo is to make your life easier and in the next couple of weeks, we are going to launch our innovative voice-based tools to help you save time and money. That is your desired third helping hand in the form of your own voice!  

Become an early adopter and request your invitation!

What do you think about online events? Do you like them? Not really? As for me, I have never taken them seriously until the global lockdown happened. Then I thought to myself: why not? 
This is a new normal for all of us now and if we can't attend and participate in physical events as before, then this is the only chance to stay tuned and keep ourselves updated. 
Virtual events enable all of us to come together to learn, discuss and interact. At first, I was reluctant, but eventually, I forced myself to attend a couple of them to see if they resonate with me......and I liked them a lot! I couldn't imagine that an online event can be so informative and helpful.
I picked up the one for you to attend: 
Digital Marketing for Small Business
Different dates are available, so you will most likely find the one which works best for you.

Recently I was advised to register for one business networking event, to meet other business owners, share experiences and get new clients and referrals what I postponed until now due to lots of work but going to do it just right now because I want to try it myself first before I can advise it to you as well. So I will tell you about my experience in the next edition, don't miss it!

Natalia Sharma
Business Development Manager

moduulo, innovation for european accounting firms

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