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The innovation  

moduulo - Preparator

The heart of the new way of working for accountants relies on an innovative combination of modern technologies. We have integrated Preparator into clientCockpit.
All relevant bookkeeping tasks are done automatically in clientCockpit. Preparator handles the account reconciliation in a system-controlled process and eliminates all manual steps for monthly/annual financial statements and reporting.
The Accountant periodically checks for green status
Display of each client bank transaction
Extracted documents matches the corresponding bank transaction
Accountant can help the client in case of problems via integrated video chat
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What you save
What it Costs

What you save

Using accountantsHQ and clientCockpit, every accountant can save at least 2 hours per client per month.

The average salary of an accountant in the Baltics is 34'700 € (20k net salary + social taxes of 14.7k) for an average work time of 160 hours / month.

Total saving per client/month:
34.7k / 1920 * 2 = 36.15 €

Savings in small firms

Lithuanian firm with 3 accountants and 20 clients
723 €
8'676 €

Savings in medium firms

Latvian firm with 10 accountants and 100 clients
3'615 €
43'380 €

Savings in big firms

Estonian firm with 45 accountants and 700 clients
25'305 €
303'660 €

What it costs

accountantsHQ and clientCockpit are priced on subscription.
Base package
150 €
Additional Accountant
10 €
Additional client
20 €
The base package includes 5 accountants and 5 clients.

Base package example

Lithuanian firm with 3 accountants and 20 clients
450 €
Net license cost: 150 €
(you recharge 300 € to your 

Medium firm example

Latvian firm with 10 accountants and 100 clients
2'100 €
Net license cost: 200 €
(you recharge 1'900 € to your clients)

Big firm example

Estonian firm with 45 accountants and 700 clients
14'500 €
Net license cost: 600 €
(you recharge 13'900 € to your clients)
The accounting firm recharges the clientCockpit fee to their customer. Each client can add unlimited users and customers to his clientCockpit for CRM, invoicing, etc. Therefore the net savings for the practice are higher, and the license costs are lower.
Let's talk about your own savings and costs

Features & Functions - tools to manage your accounting firm

accountantsHQ not only streamlines your processes and helps you boost profitability. It also gives you all the necessary tools to manage your practice and handle essential tasks in your office.

Preparator Accountant

The essential Dashboard each of your accountants, uses to control and manage his clients. Say goodbye to jo-jo emailing with your clients cause of missing documents or upcoming deadlines. All documents are ready, all transactions have been automatically written into the general ledger and main journal. At each deadline, you only have to control the automatically prepared reports (VAT reports, Balances sheet, P&L, Income Statements, Cash Flow, etc.) and launch the submission to governmental authorities with a simple button click.

Workflow & Deadlines

Preparator Accountant includes a workflow and deadline manager. The system takes care of alerting the client if documents are missing, if approvals have to be given or if the accountant requests any other action. Alerts are sent by email and can be configured in Desktop notifications. 

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding a new client is a simple and straightforward process. You can create and manage profiles (thus giving your new client access to clientCockpit). You set CRM data for invoicing and help your client with the migration from other accounting tools: import trial balances, customers and suppliers from XERO, ERPLY (and more to come).

Time-tracking and invoicing

Voice-based time-tracking (for each of your accountants) and invoicing are core features for your practice. Create invoices per project, per task, per subscription, or per used time.

Business intelligence

Access to your practice data and your client's data helps you keep a precise overview of your rentability. It also helps to find potential bottlenecks in your processes or workflows. It gives you the necessary data-based information to be an influential advisor to your client. This part of accountingHQ is the next big step in our roadmap.


Essential features of CRM, including contact management, browser-based calls to each registered phone number, booking of consulting slots for your clients, and video-calling for support of your clients, makes accountantsHQ your favorite everyday working tool. Sales pipelines, accountant's efficiency tools, prospecting, and newsletter/emailing are on our roadmap.

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