Hassle-free invoicing

without any dedicated business software 
for companies invoicing time like consulting and out-staffing enterprises or coach practices


Do you want to know more about changing unproductive into quality time and save money?

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and learn how you can optimize your invoice process
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Feature 1: Never forget an invoice

How many times did you forget to invoice? Will your customer still accept the invoice 6 months later?

Invoice immediately

Use your favourite timer tool and forget about invoicing, we do it for you

Scan tickets, hotel bills and travel fee with phone app

Just open your favourite phone app and add all your fees to the invoice

Currency convertion

Forget about currency conversion on your travel expenses, we convert it at the best change rate

Feature 2: No need to learn a new business software

We produce your invoice based on the rules you tell us

Tool integration

We use data from the tools you already use to do your invoicing the smart way

Seamless integration

We help you to connect your 3 most important business processes seamlessly, based on your requirements

What we connect

We connect data from your existing CRM tool with data from your timer app, produce your invoice and save resulting informations into your accountant's software

Feature 3: Work as usual

We replace your behaviour. We do not try to change it.
Save time!
Save money!
Do quality work

Change unproductive time into quality time

and save up to 36'000€ per year!

Your price depends on the complexity of your optimization process and the number of integrations. 
Based on your needs, we offer you a free trial of 30-60 days (two invoice cycles).
For more information, talk to our customer success department.

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moduulo breaks into the world of invoice automation. The company is doomed to huge growth thanks to its special integration mode.
Streamlining invoicing and process automation makes moduulo's customer save time and money.
moduulo's technology enables to eliminate manual tasks in the business world.
With moduulo, automated invoicing becomes easy, so people can focus on more demanding tasks.

moduulo, innovation for accounting practices

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