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Project Roadmap

Our product plans for 2019

Payment gateways for normal subscriptions

05 January 2019

The two payment gateways are now ready for subscriptions too.

Redesign of templates

15 January 2019

Redesign of order page templates, to be more modern and to allow various types of subscription products, from simple to complex products.

Automatic sending of new invoices

18 January 2019

Last function before product launch: all invoices will be sent to customer via email and a link to customer dashboard is produced. This allows the customer to pay the invoice via email.

Redesign and changement of code base

15 February 2019 - 31 May 2019

In order to add more modules in future, the complete codebase is rewritten in modules and widgets.

Redesigned eCommerce module

31. August 2019

Simplified eCommerce module with two templates and 4 colour schemes is ready. The module contains configurable products, variants and services which help in the selling process. We add a simplified product detail page with image gallery and upselling functions. Checkout process is streamlined and a shipping configuration module is added to create shipping zones and various cost combinations.

Digital Wallet and own payment gateway

30 September 2019

In order to really quicklaunch your business processes, we integrate our own digital wallet system for collecting incoming payments and for making outgoing payments to your suppliers. We also integrate our own payment gateway to help customers onboard much easier and without the need of signing agreements with banks and third-party payment providers.

eCommerce Marketplace

15 Oktober 2019

eCommerce Marketplace version of the eCommerce module for multi-tenant suppliers. Tenants can easily be on-boarded and integrated into the digital wallet and own payment gateway. This module includes features for KYC and AML as well as fraud prevention on the eCommerce features.

Inventory system added to eCommerce

30 Oktober 2019

Multi-company, multi-stock and multi-location inventory systems allow handling all tasks in the eCommerce administration. This module is destinated to small companies having two or more stores without a central stock.

Project Management module

15 November 2019

This module helps with project management. It implements a simple todo-list, task attribution, calendar functions, and user management. Kaban views will be added on a later version

Sales funnel module

30 November 2019

A simple sales funnel management feature is added with KPI on dashboard, tasks and call management, email integration and lead collection on frontend. Sales persons handle their tasks and reporting in an easy and automated way without to use time for administrative tasks.

Lead collection and lead management

15 Dezember 2019

Addon for the frontend to collect lead and info subscriptions (Newsletter, checklists, infoboards) and backend lead management to fill sales funnel with automatically collected leads.

Newsletter module

15 Dezember 2019

Newsletter visual builder, list handling and contact segmentation to allow interesting communication with leads, prospects, and contacts. The module integrates a spam-safe mass-mailing feature, personalization, and statistics about the success of newsletter sending (click-rate, opening rate, etc.)

Add data exchange with main accounting software

31 December 2019

To facilitate customer's business process, we integrate data-exchange with two main accounting software: Xero and Quickbook. Data exchange will happen via Rest API or file export.

"The road to success is always under construction."

Oliver Gasser

Founder & Digital CPU, loving this citation of Steve Maraboli

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