Think bigger and take your business to the next level

By Natalia Sharma

Are you willing to think creatively to find different solutions?
Are you willing to take a calculated risk and analyze the outcomes?
Will you move the people to the right seats on the bus?
Will you believe in the vision even when nobody else around does?
Are you willing to set your ego aside to learn and grow?

If you answered "Yes " to at least one question, then please keep reading...

I have recently met Justin Stinson, a High-Performance Leadership Coach, who helps leaders and entrepreneurs uncover new opportunities in their business and careers by approaching things from a different perspective. He helps them think BIGGER and see solutions that the general population often does not.

I am glad our paths crossed, so I used this opportunity to interview Justin and share it with you:

Justin Stinson

Please tell us more about yourself and your business?

"My name is Justin Stinson. I currently live in Dubuque, Iowa, United States. I majored in Photography at Eastern Washington University and graduated in June of 2000. I have worked in telecommunications for nearly 20 years with multiple ISP’s. I have held various positions throughout the organizations I have been a part of and have worked my way up to Vice President and General Manager of ImOn Communications. I am driven by building things from the ground up, finding unique ways to solve problems, and teaching people to think bigger. I started Capture Coaching and Consulting designed specifically to help Leaders and Entrepreneurs to think bigger and solve problems differently than the majority while gaining a competitive advantage."

When did you decide to become a leadership coach and why?

"I have been laid off a couple times over the course of my career and thanks to one of those layoffs I ended up in the Upper Midwest of the United States. I have always had this burning desire to start my own company, but like many people, I got pulled into climbing the corporate ladder instead. It was comfortable, it guaranteed income and it was safe. My advantage has always been my ability to use my creative background and unique mindset to achieve business problems, build teams, and achieve results that most people were unable to do. That's what drove me up that ladder over the years. The challenge however has always been the fact so many people struggle to get outside their current mindset. So I realized when the pandemic started to hit and I saw the economy be so impacted I needed to do something to protect my future and not have so much control in one person or one company's hands. I wanted to take my unique skills and experience to teach others how to pivot their business, their career or their lives. Finding something that lights their fire and drives them to amazing opportunities."

Act now

How do you help businesses?

"In today’s world it is so easy to get caught in our bubble. We get busy and focus on what we know and what’s comfortable. We either get too busy or too scared to look at the problems in front of us in any other way than what we know. The idea of going against the status quo to solve issues becomes scary, risky, or uncomfortable. But what happens when you do slow down and look at things different? What happens when the organization sets huge goals even if at the time they seem unachievable. When you change your perspective you begin to see problems in a different light. Suddenly opportunities arise where you didn't expect them, you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and that creativity begins to overflow into other parts of the business. So by thinking bigger, looking at things differently, and pushing the comfort zone you realize a multitude of benefits. Not only will you see these benefits in your business life, but it begins to flow into your personal life as well. You look at everything different and suddenly you find new passions, new balance, and new connections that create a happier life."

Why should businesses choose you?

"There are so many great coaches and great consultants out there today. But so many continue to do things the same way. They are great at identifying the problems and offering solutions but is that really going to change the culture of the business to consistently think differently for years to come? Are they really working to grow the vision and dig deep for the true purpose of the business? I bring a unique approach customized to the person or business themselves. Every person and every business is at a different stage so you can't fit everyone in a box. I have a true passion for what I do and I bring a wealth of experience, motivation, and focus to my approach and become truly invested in the success of my clients. It's always fascinating to see when an individual I am working with begins to cross the line of creativity and it's like a world of ideas and opportunities begin to hit them. It creates this energy and drive that’s rarely seen in the corporate world. So if a company or an individual truly wants to make a change and adjust their culture around them to be more creative, they need to start with the coach."

Think bigger

Could you please describe your greatest achievements?

"I have had a number of impressive “wins” and achievements in my career, but when it comes to what I am most proud of...Starting my coaching business. There were people questioning why now? What if you don’t make money? How are you going to do that? Is it a smart move to start during a recession and pandemic? I believed in myself, my experience, my ability to help people, and my drive. It was the best decision of my career because I ignored the naysayers and took the step. Most people will never take that step and they will always use it as an excuse. It wasn’t easy...it's still not, but it has been 100% worth it and my mission is crystal clear for what I want to achieve."

What motivates you personally?

"I tend to naturally be a very ambitious and driven person. But everyone has those days that they are just tired and just want to turn off. When I have those days I go back to the basics of motivation. I listen to inspiring speeches, I crank the music really loud and do a workout. I brainstorm ideas. I meditate to calm my mind. I state outloud what my mission and ultimate goal is. I love to get out into nature and take in the world around me, whether it's fishing, hiking, or a drive around the countryside. People often assume that motivation is all about high energy, intensity, and aggression. That's the case some days but many times it's about resetting, focusing on what's in front of you and living in the moment. You really don’t want to confuse the two because both are critical to the success of reaching the desired destination."

You can download Justin`s free e-book here or book a free call for more information.

Talk to you next week!

Much love,

Natalia Sharma

Business Development Manager

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