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Uncover valuable insights for clients' financial health

Accurate and timely financial data is crucial for providing excellent client service. Our data-clearing services ensure that the data provided to clients is reliable, increasing client satisfaction and trust in your firm's services.
The automated verification and reconciliation of financial transactions saves time for accounting professionals, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks, such as financial analysis and highly tailored client advisory.

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How it works

Accounting documents are available electronically (sent by email or scanned).

moduulo processes banking data and outside documents of your clients, extract essential information, matches bank transaction data and internal data (account reconciliation), and processes the information/data into a standardised accounting data stream, including the allocation to the respective account (bookkeeping). 

The accounting data stream is linked to the REST API of your accounting software.

If you wish, we can submit your client's VAT declarations, and year-end accounting work - all fully automated.

Grow your firm by automating services

Our services can handle large volumes of transactions, making them highly scalable. This scalability is essential for your accounting firm dealing with a high number of clients and extensive financial data

Outsourcing routine tasks like data clearing allows you to exponentially grow your firm while providing higher-value services to your clients.

One Solution That Delivers High-value Data

Streamline operations.

We focus on automising all processes in your firm.

Enhance accuracy.

We use AI and ML to deliver an accurate data stream.

Business growth.

We help your accounting firm grow business and build wealth.


by innovation

Benefit from Risk Mitigation

Our services can accurately verify large volumes of financial data, reducing the risk of human errors. This accuracy is crucial for maintaining reliable financial records and preventing costly mistakes, enabling them to offer tailored advice and strategies.
Mitigate risks associated with financial data management. Our built-in security measures and compliance checks reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that transactions comply with current regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Improve Cost Efficiency

Working with us is cost-effective: Instead of investing in developing and maintaining in-house advanced technologies dedicated to data clearing, you pay for the services you need, leading to cost savings in the long run.
Leverage our expertise to invest in experts serving your esteemed clients.

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Raise your firm's revenue

Access the only data-clearing platform in the European accounting industry

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